Thursday, 26 May 2011

style is fashion.

Image From Unknown and Sam Robinson

It is a rare and enviable thing to be able to define one’s personal style. For me, style isn’t a definite. It transforms throughout time by mood, seasons and places. I let myself be influenced by magazines, people, photography, art and design. I am not revolutionary, nor am I a trend. I am simply expressing my inner personality through outer physical means.

Some people believe clothes are just an ordinary part of the everyday. However, those who appreciate fashion understand that clothes are more than just a way to keep you covered. Fashion has the ability to tell the world a story and we, as individuals, are able to write each story being told.

Some days my story is an eclectic music video with energetic colours and a no-fuss attitude. Other days I am an unsaturated photograph of a girl wearing daisy chains, dancing without inhibition in an empty paddock in the middle of spring.

The next chapter begins with a summer road trip, lazily passing by endless green fields, listening to feel-good tunes and stopping at unknown towns found by chance. But by night the story is rewritten and I find myself living in between the slick pages of a magazine.

It is easy to say that fashion is individual, unpredictable and ever-changing. And at the end of the day, style is not simply a trend or a fad, but rather a self-confidence that everyone has the ability to wear.

-fb X


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post about fashion and defining personal style. I always enjoy reading blogs with a strong personal narrative and writing style. You have a unique voice and point of view which makes your post and blog enjoyable to read. It also makes it refreshing and different among many of the other formulaic fashion blogs that scatter the web.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Your style is amazing, I love this post. Your writing is so sharp, so personal. You did a really good job.

  3. This is a very poignant post. So much truth. It reminds me of a time I was applying to a job and was asked to describe my personal style, which I found near-impossible. I attempted something but it didn't feel sufficient (apparently wasn't the case for the employers either :P). Nonetheless, I totally agree with you on this and love the way you wrote it as well as gave aspects of your own style.

  4. Style must constantly evolve to remain fresh and I think blogging helps us do that. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. Lovely post. Personal style is a gradual process and constantly evolves. Thanks for sharing.

  6. absolutely wonderful writing. I couldn't agree with you more. I always wondered how people could describe their style in definite terms - it's always evolving!


  7. Such a beautifully written post. Wow! You really have a way with words. I found myself wanting to read this post over and over. You really are talented. Keep up the brilliant work. xox

    Love from Dusty Petals.

  8. I couldn´t agree more with you.

  9. this was beautifully written. FB, I share your exact thoughts on fashion. It is an art in which we wear. It's a avenue towards self expression which is display daily. The second paragraph is right on. Love it!

  10. I totally agree with Kavery's comment. Us bloggers helps a lot to keep so fresh..
    Lee x

  11. Very awesome post, I like this very much :-)


  12. it's strange how we evolve, change our mind, i'm wondering who I want to be at the moment but I'm a mixture it dress totally different everyday. it's fun

    I really enjoyed reading this, as always!